Best natural remedies for healthy living

Healthy living is what 750gistmedia wants to enlighten you about so as to live healthy both in facial appearance, wallet and in your body system. That’s why we have come up with this proven healthy living tips.

We believe after reading this you are going to look healthier and more beautiful in all aspect of your life.

Wouldn’t you Like to know this proven natural remedies for healthy living? I know you sure can’t wait to know them.

Natural remedies for healthy living

Below is a list of selected proven way you can maintain a healthy life in your day to day life as a member of the society.

1. Take starchy food

Do you know that starchy food is the main source of carbohydrate and play an important role in a healthy meal?

Oh, bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, oats, cereal etc are those food classified or referred to as starchy.

Starchy food tend to boost our energy when we take them. I know you still remember that the end product of carbohydrate is “Glucose”

Carbohydrates are referred to as energy giving food.

Take maintain a healthy living, you have now find one way to do that which is to always include starchy food in the diet we take.

2. Don’t forget to include honey in your food.

Honey should be considered a more and better substitute to sugar. This honey is very helpful and highly needed as it helps in reducing brain inflammation and also helps in reduction of depression.

We all know that high sugar in take causes appendix and aside this, it also makes the male not to perform their functionality as a married man or a bachelor who is still testing around.

3. Eat vegetable more.

Often I get funny questions from some friend such as “why is your face so fresh” you look like an American and the rest of it.

The secret to a fresh body and face is eating vegetable and fruits. I congratulate all the vegetarians and fruitarian here. You are doing yourself a great thing

4. Eat melon regularly

Melon has proven to be a healthy living fruit who actually helps the body in metabolism.

It is advisable to eat melon when you feel stressed or you are mood of anxiety. This is because it helps to boost metabolism.

5. Learn music, how to play an instrument.

Learning music or playing musical instrument’s is very important for a person who wants to start living right. This is quite so because when you plays or venture into learning music, it will help to reduce brain’s ageing process.

6. Learn new language.

Hey, learning language’s could be so fun and helpful in living right. You can learn new language today and have a sharper and more understanding spirit about things.

7. Regular exercise

Trying to keep a healthy body without regular exercise could be a bad move.

You need to exercise regular to burn calories.
Regular exercise will enable you to lose weight and be In good shape. It will also help you lose sweat which comes as a waste product.

8. Medical check

You need a personal medical personnel to continue to live

healthy with your spouse or your family.

The importance of this is so that medical attentions will be given to matters that are needed to paid.

  1. Regular in take of bathing

Refreshing the body is one quick way of regaining strength and keeping the body in good shape.


Regular in take of bath will help to wash away germs developed known or unknown during the day or after the day time.

It is advisable for one to bath his or her at least twice in a day.

I am happy for you having read this and having made a decision to start living a healthy life today. Practice the aforementioned and watch how you body and spirit gets renewed in a short period.

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